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BreakPoint Labs, a small business cybersecurity services company, is dedicated to providing the methods and means for sustainable, measurable, and effective cybersecurity operations. Powered by highly motivated, experienced cybersecurity professionals with technical and scientific proficiency, BreakPoint Labs is developing and leveraging technology to enable a more secure cyberspace. With well-formed service delivery models in cybersecurity assessments, defensive cyber operations, and cyber research and development, BreakPoint Labs supports a diverse customer base in addressing its most challenging problems in cyberspace.

BreakPoint Labs is constantly seeking enthusiastic cybersecurity professionals, either to exchange technical ideas and lessons learned or to potentially join the BreakPoint Labs Team. Through an established corporate culture, BreakPoint Labs embraces a highly technical [geeky] workforce passionate about developing and leveraging technology to secure cyberspace.

If you are interested in joining the BreakPoint Labs Team, please submit a copy of your resume to You may also read more about us at: