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Freelance Music Publishing Consultant – 2 days a week

  • Operations & Finance
  • Part-time
  • London, GB
  • Remote friendly

2022-11-29 05:38:34 UTC

An opportunity to work with a pioneering music business that uses Web3 tech. Serenade invented a brand new release format called Digital Pressings - the first new chart accredited format since 2015. Launched with Muse and Warner Records in August 2022.

Guided on strategy by Max Shand (Serenade Founder) and Mike Walsh (UK Head of Strategic Partnerships) the role will be to help run Serenade’s relationships with global PRO’s and publishers to clear rights for each release whilst working collaboratively on central terms.

The role also includes managing, and evolving, an accounting system that tracks the royalties Serenade pays out to PRO’s and publishers. 

A deep understanding of music publishing and PRO’s is required. A network of contacts at publishers and global PRO’s is desirable but not essential.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 3 hours with Sydney NSW, Australia