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HVAC for a Warming World

Company Overview

Pascal is a technology company commercializing solid refrigerant heat pumps and air conditioners. The HVAC sector currently accounts for 30% of global energy usage while also directly emitting 1.5 Gton CO2 eq. of greenhouse gas refrigerants to the atmosphere. Pascal’s solid refrigerants undergo solid–solid phase transitions in response to pressure, and can operate within the same pressure and temperature ranges as standard gas refrigerants. Pascal’s technology eliminates the direct emission of refrigerants to the atmosphere, and offers a pathway to more efficient, more sustainable, and cheaper heating and cooling systems.

Originally spun out of Harvard, we are in the process of developing a full-scale heat pump prototype to demonstrate the commercial viability of our technology. In the long term, our technology positions us to lead a fundamental shift in the HVAC industry, revolutionizing the way we provide heating and cooling today. We are a small, founder-led company looking for motivated, talented people to join our team. For more information, visit

If you are interested in working with us but don't see a job opening that fits, please email us at with your resume.