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Welcome to Osmoses, where we're revolutionizing gas purification with innovative technology! Committed to diversity and sustainability, we're shaping a future where industrial processes are clean and efficient. Join a team that values inclusivity and groundbreaking solutions

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This vision of a bright and broadly decarbonized future is reflected in the name Osmoses itself. As Benedetti tells it, the name is a play on osmosis — the migration of molecules through a selectively permeable membrane — and the biblical story of parting the red sea by Moses, an act that is equally grand and incredible as parting gas molecules so precisely. “We want to reinforce just how much of a sea-change our membrane technology is,” Benedetti says. “We are doing something that is unprecedented, and up until now, unbelievable.”

At Osmoses, we are more than just a technology company. We are innovators who aim to revolutionize industrial separations. Our groundbreaking membrane technology sets new standards in gas purification, offering unmatched efficiency and performance. We strive to change the game and ensure that gas purification no longer impedes our progress towards a sustainable planet.

Our mission is bold yet simple - to transform industrial infrastructure so that separations never again hinder our progress towards a cleaner world.

Industrial processes account for a significant part of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, so our technology isn't just innovative; it's essential for the future of our planet.

Diversity is not just a buzzword for us; it's the cornerstone of our culture. At Osmoses, you don't just fit in; you belong.

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) is unwavering.

We foster an environment where everyone is valued, safe, and respected. Our diverse team is our most vital asset, driving innovation and reflecting the global community we serve.

Join us on our journey towards a future where clean, efficient, and sustainable industrial processes are the norm.
Whether you want to become a pilot, partner, or team member, your contribution will be crucial in our collective quest for a cleaner, more sustainable world.