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Chief of Staff

  • Operations & Finance
  • Full-time
  • Lisbon, PT
  • 25K USD a year

Posted on May 10, 2024

Ensure that the CEO's actions get done.

You are process-oriented and can run the repetitive steps required in a sound management system.

You do not have the ambition to run a department, and you only want to support the CEO and the rest of the executive team. You will be a super-charged personal and executive assistant.

You are highly organized and an excellent communicator (both written and oral), and you simply like spending time with the CEO (because you will be spending a lot of time with him!).

You are and want to be a personal and executive assistant.  It is important that you do NOT have an ambition to run your own department or company, as we want you to stay in this support role for many years.

You will have unfettered access to all the information that the CEO receives. You will be sitting beside him from morning till night, with full access to emails, calls, meetings, etc. By seeing what decisions he makes, based on what information you receive, you will soon be able to think like him, and then you can truly be an extension of the CEO (and magic will happen).

After several weeks of observing, you can start to take tasks off of your plate. Within several months, you will be able to do all the functions that don't give the CEO energy or that he doesn't have the capacity to do.