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Today, new technology enables us to explore opportunities in different parts of the world beyond the limitations of our country of birth. However, governance structures remain entrenched in 20th-century paradigms, and the switching costs between countries can still be enormous - particularly for those born in certain parts of the world.

In this new paradigm, CitizenX is paving the way for unleashing the biggest market in the world: the market of countries. By helping to create a world where people are no longer restricted by the borders of their home country, CitizenX is fulfilling its mission of connecting individuals with the countries that align with their values and aspirations. It gives them the power to live the life they desire and enables a new kind of community, founded on personal freedom, that allows humans to explore new horizons and pursue their dreams.

We are supported on this mission by world-class investors including Tim Draper, Balaji Srinivasan, and others. Learn more here.

At CitizenX, we prioritize discovering top talent and cultivating a meritocratic culture. We believe that hard work and earned skills are the keys to success. If you want to tackle challenging problems, work with amazing people, and build a better future for humanity, consider joining us.

Our six founding team members are located all over the world, from Zug to Lisbon to Miami. We're a close-knit, product-driven team that strives to live our core values: sovereignty, privacy, creativity, extreme ownership, and obsession over customer (experience).

Currently, we're focused on building software tools that assist individuals in becoming sovereign by obtaining new citizenships and residencies, and ultimately interacting smoothly with the governance providers and nation-states that treat them best.

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Interview process

We want you at your best, and won't be giving you gotcha-style questions. We want to get to know you, hear about what you're interested in, and learn about what you hope to do in the future.

1. Meet us and learn about CitizenX

You'll first talk to one of our founders, Alex Recouso, on a 1-hour video call; you won't need to prepare anything in advance. The goal of this conversation is to get to know you and mutually explore if we might be a good fit for each other. You'll learn more about CitizenX and have a chance to ask any questions about our company, team culture, and product.

If we're both excited to continue, we'll send along a bunch of information about the company that you can go through on our own time. You'll then have the opportunity to chat with other people in our company to learn more about them and the company.

2. Technical conversation

We'll have another 1-hour conversation to talk in depth about your work experience with the person you'll be reporting to. You won't need to prepare anything in advance.

This is primarily used to get a better feel for your experience, how you work, and where you may fit in. It'll be used to design the rest of the interview process.

Through this and the next steps, you'll meet more people in the company so we can get to know each other.

3. Technical challenge

Everyone has different strengths, and we want you to do your best. Our goal is for you to clearly demonstrate your aptitude. We're open to accommodating what would work best for you, but this challenge is generally a small task that you'd be doing if you join.

4. On-site interview & references

We will work with you in person for 3-5 days, as we'd normally do in our day-to-day. You'll get a sense of what a day in your role would be and a better feel of the company culture. We will talk to a few people you've worked with before to learn more about how we can best work with you. We expect to hear great things, so this is primarily so we can work with you as effectively as possible.