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Backbone's vision is to become the home for core gamers on mobile devices—a connective tissue between all the different experiences that gamers can now have.

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Backbone's vision is to become the home for core gamers on mobile devices—a connective tissue between all the different experiences that gamers can now have.

🔥 Build the future of gaming on mobile devices

Backbone launched just a few months ago and Apple featured it in their WWDC 21 keynote as part of a segment on the future of gaming. It's also been featured in over 30+ major media outlets including WIREDThe VergeThe Next Web, and TechCrunch, and they all had high praises. It's been reviewed by tons of YouTubers and gotten serious love from the gaming community including Mike Ybarra (EVP, Blizzard), Ryan Wyatt (Head of Gaming, YouTube), and Geoff Keighley (Creator, The Game Awards), to name a few.

Backbone is a home for gaming on mobile devices, enabling players around the world to experience Apple Arcade, native App Store games, Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, and Nvidia GeForce Now through compelling gameplay, content creation, and community.

The team consists of software, hardware, and services experts hailing from YouTube, Google, Lyft, Fitbit, VSCO, Skyworks, and more.

Backbone is backed by top-tier venture capitalists in Silicon Valley as well as some of the biggest gaming creators on YouTube.

👩🏾👦🏽 Diversity and Inclusion

We're committed to having an inclusive team at Backbone. Players, especially those who play games on mobile devices, are extremely diverse. We won’t be able to fulfill our vision if our team looks and thinks the same. We foster a workspace where everyone belongs and is heard from day one.

📍Where We Work

Currently, we are operating remotely. Though it remains unclear what the future of office work will look like, we are flexible. When things reopen, you are welcome (but by no means required) to work out of our main office in Portland, OR (Pacific Northwest ftw!). We are planning on opening other locations in the future.

✅ Values

We won't pretend to know the exact kind of person that should work at Backbone, but these are the main principles.

  1. Mission Driven — At Backbone, our mission of bringing meaningful and engaging gaming experiences to everyone drives everything. Having a shared sense of that purpose is crucial to doing fulfilling work with us. You don't need to play games to be successful at Backbone (many people at Backbone don't), but learning to empathise with players and customers is a must!

  2. Real Artists Ship — We don't care about vanity metrics or flashy product concepts. We always build things quietly and, if customers ultimately find them exciting, hopefully the results can speak for themselves. If at first we don't succeed, we get up and try again.

  3. Authenticity — You bring your authentic self to work everyday.

  4. Bias Towards Action — When an answer is unknown, your first instinct is to act on uncovering the answer.

  5. Ownership Mentality — At Backbone, each person gets to own an area of the product and business. You'll be trusted to do great work in the way that you think is best.

  6. Intellectual Humility — Making products that customers want is really challenging and sinuous process. We have to rapidly recalibrate our views, jettison outdated ones, and hearken closely to player data and player feedback.

🤝 Our Commitment to You

  1. This is a partnership — You'll be treated as a partner and valued leader in every aspect at the company that you care about. There is no voice that would go unheard.

  2. Your family comes first — Our work is important but it doesn't come close to the responsibility you have to your loved ones. We will always respect that and embrace your family responsibilities with empathy and encouragement.

  3. We'll never stop experimenting — We have big goals. In order to achieve them, we need to foster an environment that is constantly learning and trying new things. Backbone is a place that is safe to fail and try again. We promise that energy and spirit will never be lost in what we do.

💻 How We Work

We don't rely too much on meetings. We have a bi-weekly (optional) gaming sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays. We close out the week with an all hands on Friday where we talk about the work week.