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Lead Full-Stack Engineer

  • Software Engineering
  • Full-time
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2022-06-13 14:26:24 UTC

Zette is hiring a lead full-time engineer!

🗞️ About Us

Zette is a venture-backed, early-stage media tech startup whose mission is to bring down the barriers to real news by increasing access to journalism for all, while empowering publishers and creators to continue producing high quality work. Founded by Yehong Zhu, ex-Forbes journalist and Twitter PM.

  • The problem: Fake news is free, but real news is not. In 2020, media outlets are forced to churn out clickbait headlines, surviving off razor-thin online ad margins—or to gate their content behind paywalls, effectively turning the internet into a walled garden.

  • The solution: Product innovation in the media technology industry has been anemic for a very long time. To access information, you have to subscribe to dozens of publishers at once—even if you don't regularly read most of them. Until now. Our product solves this problem by providing one paid account to access all the news you'd want to read.

  • Our mission is to democratize information by making high-quality online content accessible to everyone. We believe that better access starts with 1) bringing down paywalls for individual articles, 2) giving readers access to a wide variety of vetted journalistic sources, and 3) compensating publishers fairly in the process.

🚀 About the Role

We're a small team of technologists passionate about building a better experience for content consumption—and we’re looking for a mission-driven engineer who shares our ideals.

  • You will serve as a lead full-time engineer. You will work closely with the CEO and hand-in-hand with our designer.

  • There will be a lot to code. We're looking for someone who has experience setting up and working in production systems that isn't afraid to build and deploy products from scratch.

  • Management opportunities will come over the next few years. You will be contributing a tremendous amount to the founding culture and DNA of the company, especially as we build and scale our engineering team. We're looking for someone who's seen what it's like to grow a team and product from tiny to moderate or large—and who isn't afraid to grow just as fast.

  • You're a full-stack engineer with robust web experience. Our MVP is a Google Chrome extension and a NodeJS + Express backend, so familiarity with web-based products is required. You will also be designing system architecture across both desktop and mobile, so experience building products on multiple platforms is a major plus.

😎 About You

You're a fast learner with a demonstrated history of technical excellence, and you're as excited about the future of consumer media as we are.

  • You're passionate about the future of media—and you're interested in building products for both publishers and indie creators.

  • You have 2-5+ years of experience as a software engineer.

  • You're a full-stack generalist who loves a good challenge. You can build features end-to-end and reliably ship well-tested code, with an eye towards maintainability.

  • You like building new products and systems entirely from scratch. You're not afraid to get deep into the nitty-gritty of implementation. You're also comfortable designing system architecture and can point to examples where you've done so in industry.

  • You have an entrepreneurial streak and/or demonstrated history of technical leadership. You've done cool things in the past, both at work and outside the office.

🤓 Responsibilities

Beep, boop...

  • Excellence in JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, and ExpressJS.

  • Experience in NextJS and either Firebase, Google Cloud, or AWS.

  • Experience with scaling one or more applications.

  • Working with our team on our Google Chrome extension.

  • Guiding leadership in making technical product decisions.

  • Scaling our engineering team and culture as we grow.

💖 Benefits

We like to treat our employees well.

  • Meaningful early equity stake.

  • Competitive salary for startups at our stage.

  • Generous benefits (healthcare, vision, dental, 401k).

  • The opportunity to see a startup scale from pre-seed upwards.

  • The ability to shape the early team culture around values that matter to you.

  • Awesome coworkers and fun social events (i.e. company offsites, virtual game nights).

  • For anything else—just ask and we'll see what we can do 😉