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Strategic Finance & Operations Manager

  • Operations & Finance
  • Full-time
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 110K - 140K USD a year

2023-03-03 14:45:35 UTC

About Whop:

Whop is a marketplace for anyone looking to discover and buy the latest and greatest software and digital products on the internet. Our platform allows buyers to safely purchase a variety of high quality digital products that help them make money, learn new things, or save time. Businesses use Whop to collect payments and distribute their products (https://dash.whop.com).

About the role:

Title: Strategic Finance & Operations Manager

Salary: $110K - $140K | Equity: 0% - 0.1%

Location: Brooklyn, NY

As a Finance Manager, you will report to our Head of Operations. You will be responsible for financial planning & analysis, managing the day-to-day financial operations of our company, and monitoring core performance indicators to drive strategic decisions.

The role is broad in scope and requires the ability to switch contexts without losing sight of the most important objectives.

Who you are

  • You love logic, numbers, and all things data. You often use this evidence to build your case rather than intuition.

  • You enjoy finance, are frugal, and are extremely detail oriented. Scenario planning is one of your favorite exercises and you know that every little detail adds up to the bigger picture.

  • You are exceptionally organized and efficient. You geek out over the latest organizational methods and your ideal Saturday is an afternoon spent at The Container Store.

  • You are a creature of habit. Your routine doesn’t deviate day to day, you’ve watched that same season of The Office multiple times and go to the same restaurants you know and love.

  • You’re known for your reliability and keeping everyone on track. You keep a spotless desk, honor your commitments, and you’re never late to an appointment.

  • You love getting under the hood. You can dig into details, spot mistakes, and figure out the underlying reasons for them. You care more about every little detail than the big picture.

  • You enjoy implementing process and systems to alleviate bottlenecks. Designing them, improving them, removing them when necessary, and pushing for adoption are all things that you love to do.

If this sounds like you regardless of your background, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Develop and manage budgets, financial forecasts, and improve Whop’s financial health.

  • Ensure all ongoing executional finance is completed (i.e. paying bills on time, audits, etc.) in partnership with an external controller / accounting firm.

  • Provide accurate and timely data for investor relations and board materials. Drive the end of month close accurately each month with our accounting partners.

  • Keep a pulse on the company performance. Monitor and analyze operational metrics, using data to identify areas for improvement.

  • Identify areas for financial improvement that will promote growth or maximize profit. Sample projects might include creative ways to reduce cost of sales, analyzing the profitability of a line of business, or modeling the impact on unit economics of growth tactics.

  • Build scalable solutions on “how to” do things in the finance function. Develop and implement operational policies, playbooks, and procedures that help us as we scale.

  • Bulletproof the organization. Ensure that Whop is in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Manage relationships with vendors and suppliers from contract generation to sunsetting.

  • Respond to and complete miscellaneous incoming requests from the team in a quick, thoughtful, and effective manner.


  • You can create detailed operating models and use them to inform decision making that optimize for financial health.

  • You make dashboards and metrics frameworks that paint a clear picture of business performance. You can go end-to-end on a data project from definition to adoption of metrics.

  • You can analyze data, identify trends, and synthesize information into easily understandable explanations.

  • You prioritize projects and organize your time methodically. There will constantly be work that needs to get done and choosing which work is most important will be critical.

  • You explain things clearly, getting to the root of issues with concision. No fluff.

  • You can use the required tools and software to analyze data. Business intelligence tools, Excel, SQL, etc.

  • You understand data engineering architecture, are fluent in SQL and can grasp the core concepts behind a data pipeline. You do not need to know how to write in dbt or data engineering CLIs, but it is an added bonus.

  • You aren’t above rolling up your sleeves to do grunt work.