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  • Full-time
  • 160 - 180 USD a year

2023-01-23 19:56:28 UTC

What is Whop?

Whop is a marketplace for anyone looking to discover and buy the latest and greatest software and digital products on the internet. Our platform allows buyers to safely purchase a variety of high quality digital products that help them make money, learn new things, or save time. Businesses use Whop to collect payments and distribute their products (https://dash.whop.com).

To date, we have processed over 50 million dollars and have had almost a million consumer signups.

The Role:

The goal of this role is to increase the number of developers selling their product on Whop. This person will work with our Head of Growth and CTO to:

  1. Improve developer marketing and funnels

  2. Improve developer docs and guides (current working version is here: https://whop-docs.vercel.app/)

  3. Identify niches that developers are excited about

  4. Build a strong developer community to rally behind our product

What a typical week might look like:

  1. Create developer tutorials and material to learn about our product

  2. Speak to developers to gather feedback and establish yourself within communities

  3. Create dummy applications to ease the process of development

What we’re looking for:

We don’t care what your background is, we just care that you:

  1. Have a strong foundational knowledge of NextJS

  2. Can communicate effectively both to technical and non-technical people

  3. Have experience speaking with developers online in developer communities

What we offer:

  1. Extremely competitive salary and equity

  2. Full healthcare, vision, dental

  3. Latest Macbook Pro 16inch

  4. Daily Uber Eats Credit

  5. Fitness stipend