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Full-stack Software Engineer

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2021-12-01 16:36:34 UTC

What is Unify America?

Unify America is a nonpartisan nonprofit on a mission to replace politics with problem solving. We are seeking a Full-stack Software Engineer who will develop web-based applications to connect Americans interested in bridging our political divides, participating directly in finding solutions to our country’s challenges, and saving our democracy.

Saving democracy? Seriously?

Reasonable question. We’ll get to that. The ideal candidate is open-minded, collaborative, adaptive, and excited to develop at every level of the stack, from html down to the depths of the database and docker containers. We are in the early days and are looking for smart, passionate can-do people to join our growing, ambitious team. This person would be the first full-time engineer.

Let’s get back to the saving democracy part.

Think Americans are hopelessly divided? We are on the way to proving that the vast majority of Americans (over 90%) share many of the same goals for the country. If that sounds crazy, then let us give you an example: we demonize each other over gun control legislation, but gun control isn’t the goal, it’s a tactic. Reducing violence is the goal, and most of us want that. We don’t realize that for most political issues we’re just arguing about tactics or even less productively, political personalities.

Our long term quest is ambitious: bringing together tens of thousands of Americans, including legislators, to identify and implement a shared solution to one of the many national problems that has bedeviled Congress and the country for decades.

...but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.

Our first program is “The Unify Challenge”, a broad-ranging survey which Americans, from different backgrounds, take together -- two at a time -- via video conference. The Challenge helps people see that we share many of the same goals for our country, even if we are on “the other team’. Our goal is to invite millions of Americans to take the Unify Challenge and we’ve spent the last year developing technology to scale up to our vision.

That’s where you come in.

Now we need a talented engineer to help us move beyond The Unify Challenge, connecting Americans through new types of experiences to help them organize their efforts in service of collaborating on legislation. It’s a big idea. Let’s get citizens of diverse backgrounds together to craft legislation - that’s democracy.

I’m interested. Tell me about the tech.

It’s more important you know how different pieces of a web-application work together than to have experience with specific tools/languages - there’s always a learning curve in a new job and we know you’ll get up to speed in no time. Here’s what we’ve been using so far: Python/Django, Postgres, Javascript, HTML, AWS, and Docker.

The nitty gritty

  • You’ve built a few web applications before and successfully scaled a platform

  • You’re open to learning new technologies and can discuss trade-offs with non-technical folks when making technical decisions

  • You’re a solid verbal and written communicator and can collaborate with external partners

This sounds like me. How do I apply?

Great! Upload your resume or point us to your LinkedIn and write us a cover letter. Give us three reasons why you’d be great for the job. We want to include a variety of ideologies on our team -- so, if you like, tell us about your view of the world -- (Liberal? Conservative? Independent? Something else entirely?). Most importantly, be yourself (yes really)