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Engagement Manager

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2021-11-16 21:19:36 UTC

Unify America is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization on a mission to replace politics with problem solving. We are seeking an Engagement Manager who will support the delivery of programming with partner organizations that drive participation in Unify America’s programs, and who will help us advance our mission to find solutions to our nation’s ills, and save our democracy.

Saving democracy? Seriously?

Reasonable question. We’ll get to that. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, has strong communication and project management skills, is a great organizer, adept at networking, and passionate about bringing Americans together across divides to reduce polarization and build community.


Let’s get back to the saving democracy part.

Well, we are on the way to proving that the vast majority of Americans (over 90%) share many of the same goals for the country. If that sounds crazy, then let us give you an example: we demonize each other over gun control legislation, but gun control isn’t the goal, it’s a tactic. Reducing violence is the goal, and most of us want that. We don’t realize that for most political issues we’re just arguing about tactics or even less productively, political personalities.

Our long term quest is ambitious: bringing together tens of thousands of Americans, including legislators, to identify and implement an ambitious and shared solution to one of the many national problems that has bedeviled Congress and the country for decades. 

We aspire to create mutually beneficial relationships where the opportunities that Unify America provides are mission-aligned with partners, who can promote Unify America activities, like the Unify Challenge, to its audience. Key partner segments that we’ve identified so far are colleges and universities, faith organizations, municipalities and state governments, and service organizations. 

Tell me more...What’s the role? 

You’ll be responsible for working directly with our partners to manage programs, events, and support ongoing outreach initiatives. More specifically, you’ll: 

Manage Events

  • Unify Partner Events:

    • Build an event plan and scope, including tech needs, logistics, and promotion plans

    • Help partners maximize turn-out by customizing and sharing marketing toolkits and best practices for promotions

    • Work with the product and tech teams to help answer questions and problem solve efficiently

    • Respond to event-related questions from participants and partners before, during and after events.

    • Ensure timely and successful deliverables within the program scope (from pre-event materials to post-event data)

  • External Events:

    • Find and manage opportunities for Unify America to have a presence at important brand-building events that could enhance the reputation of the organization 

    • Help to represent Unify America at external events

  • Manage budgets for all event activities

  • Track performance metrics for evaluating event impact and goal success

Manage accounts and relationships

  • Serve as a liaison between our established partners and the Unify America team

  • Manage project, timelines, and deliverables

  • Build and nurture relationships with current partners, including professors, school administrators, other organizational partners, promotional partners, etc.

Be responsible for partner-related marketing and content

  • Help to build simple and templated marketing deliverables within the event scope:

    • Landing page templates

    • Social content from templates

    • PR content from templates

  • Monitor and engage with partners’ social media accounts for questions, interesting content, and/or shareworthy content ideas

  • Help to develop other content and promotional materials that partners could successfully use 

  • Support event-based content needs, including:

    • Post-Challenge email campaigns

    • User-generated content from partner events

  • Assist in building best marketing and promotional practices for partner events

Support partnerships

  • Research and help to connect with potential promotional partnerships

  • Manage and nurture the relationship with promotional partners

Are there specific qualifications?

Yes. You have:

  • 3+ years of experience in account management

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills 

  • Ability to creatively problem solve

  • Demonstrated excellent customer service and client relationship management skills

  • Experience with CRM software

  • Impeccable organization and time management skills

  • A creative problem-solving brain. We’re looking for someone who is positive and can figure out how to get to “Yes!”

  • The motivation to build successful and enduring relationships with our partners

  • The ability to ask great questions and listen for meaning

  • Flexibility and a good sense of humor - it’s kind of what we’re all about

  • The ability to manage multiple projects at the same time

  • A commitment to “big tent” diversity and belonging

  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to lead others to manage work plans, timelines, and budgets; outstanding attention to detail

  • The ability to welcome feedback. The way we work at Unify America requires that we all are comfortable giving and receiving direct feedback gracefully. Our motto: we must be honest and kind simultaneously

  • Experience working with colleges, faith-based, and/or conservative organizations, start-up environments, non-profit organizations, lobbying organizations or government offices is a plus 


We work remotely, and we welcome candidates from anywhere within the United States. In fact, we value having a team from different areas of the country. However, there may be travel required from time to time.

I’m interested. How do I apply?

Great! Follow the link to upload your resume and write us a cover letter that includes your salary expectations. Give us three reasons why you’d be great for the job and if you like, share your political beliefs (liberal? conservative? something else entirely?).  Most importantly, be yourself (yes really!). 

Unify America is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at all levels of the organization in all of its forms. This includes a commitment to having a team filled with people at every point on the political spectrum.