Deep Learning Engineer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • Copenhagen, DK

2023-03-08 10:05:15 UTC

Teton is a building AI technology that helps nurses and other front line care staff deliver more and better care while stressing less.

The solution helps hospitals and care homes to continue to deliver critical care and patient safety even when faced with the present world-wide shortage of nurses. At Teton we operate differently than traditional companies in the field, by having a relentless focus on the product & users while rapidly delivering solutions. In 2 years, Teton has developed and commercialized a full fledged AI product, used by health care workers everyday in a fast-growing number of hospitals and care homes.

The job:

We are looking for a true builder with broad technical ambitions and a deep interest in AI. If you are interested in making high stake intelligent systems that people use everyday that have true impact, this is probably one of the best chances on danish ground. You will be working on our entire deep learning stack, experience how alive the system is and be digging deep into both code and data. Deploying real world AI systems and getting them to work well is all about iteration and therefore we truly believe in having high iteration speed, meaning new models get deployed every week to our fleet and anything that can be automated should be automated.

This job is in-person in our office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer relocations or visa sponsorships. 

At Teton you will:

  • Put deep learning models into production — large transformer models in the cloud and efficient models for the edge

  • Experiment with new models and new data modalities (images, text, signals)

  • Improve our data engine

  • Optimize our autolabelling pipeline to increase our iteration speed

  • Quantize models for production

  • Stay abreast of advances in machine learning.

What you need to bring:

  • An “under the hood” knowledge of deep learning: layer details, loss functions, optimization, etc.

  • Fluency with common neural network architectures for computer vision, speech, NLP, etc.

  • Have experience with deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, and others.

  • Enjoy exploring different models and techniques to improve the accuracy and speed of our machine learning models.

  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced & collaborative environment.

There will be a lot of coding, facing the inevitable bugs and fixing them ASAP. You will probably deploy something new to care workers in a real hospital every week.

How is it to work at Teton?

We are a tight, but growing, team of extremely hard working and talented people. The learning curves are steep and expanding one’s skill set is encouraged. It’s a workplace where you get your hand’s dirty and learn a lot. If you are looking for the vibe of large corporations, this is not the place for you, but if you like to build products and strive to be the best in your field, we believe that Teton is a place where you will thrive.

What we offer:

All full-time employees at Teton are offered the opportunity to be part of a warrant program (stock options) in the company in addition to your salary. We recently closed our second funding round and are offering sizable warrant packages.

You get to work with state-of-the-art technology and be a pioneer within your field.

All the amenities that create a great working environment are available in the office.

We are looking for a teammate

We are looking for people who believe in our long-term vision and value ownership and entrepreneurship rather than just another 9-5 job.

With us you will have an opportunity to truly make an impact on the world with the outcomes of your work. So, if you are looking for a ride not just a job – jump on board 😊

For more information or questions please contact us at esben@teton.ai