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Houdini Lighting TD

  • Contract
  • London, GB
  • Remote

Posted on April 19, 2024

Superduper is an IP development studio looking for a knowledgeable and reliable Houdini Lighting TD to join the team on a 8 week contract to facilitate the delivery of an ongoing project. We are fully remote but require that there's a minimum of 2 hours overlap in time zones. See below for details about the position - if this sounds like you please get in touch!

Primary Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the development of the generative system for the creation of NFT collections of a certain complexity through the use of Houdini PDG (Procedural Dependency Graphs), Python and VEX (Vector Expressions).

  • Contribute to the development of the USD (Universal Scene Description) based pipeline for interchange of 3D computer graphics data.

  • Work with, and inform, leadership to shape the technical implementation and architecture in the pipeline.

  • Help leadership to track progress and outcomes, and provide key insight when a change of direction is needed.

  • Being able to contribute to the design and implementation of the Pipeline infrastructure, tools, processes, and automation will be a plus.

  • Good attitude for troubleshooting.

Qualifications -

Required Area of Specialization

  • Houdini, Solaris, Karma, USD workflow

  • Python, VEX (Vector Expressions), hscript.

  • Houdini lighting setup and look-dev skills.

  • Strong understanding of a Feature Animations and/or VFX Production Pipeline.

  • Strong familiarity with, or at least good understanding of the USD context.

  • Strong familiarity with the Solaris Stage context and USD layering concepts.

  • Deep familiarity with all aspects of Houdini's native geometry representation, both flat and packed, and including volumes.

  • Blender software knowledge, would be a good plus

  • Nvidia Omniverse platform knowledge would be a good plus

Required Base Skills and Experience

  • Proven experience in a Feature Animation and/or high end VFX production pipeline. 

  • Proven experience creating good lighting sets within Houdini and Solaris.

  • Good understanding of Karma and MaterialX Shaders creation.

  • Some experience with one or more of the principal DCCs like: Houdini, Blender, Substance.

  • Self sufficient and a good self-starter attitude with an emphasis on learning and sharing.

  • Organized and methodical with an ability to communicate efficiently within a global technical team.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 2 hours with London, UK