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Senior Web3 Community Manager

  • Customer & Community
  • Full-time
  • London, GB
  • Remote

2023-09-15 13:20:30 UTC

We’re looking for a talented Community Manager to dive straight in with one of the fastest growing startups in web3. This is a pivotal role as you’ll be expected to be the POC for all community activations across multiple IP’s/Brands, manage a team of moderators, create community growth strategies, and lead community communication on all channels. This role will thrill anyone who loves working in a fast paced environment in a small agile team, while being at the forefront of a high growth startup that is set on world domination. 

Key responsibilities: 

  • POC for all community activations across all brands: this is hugely important as we go to market with a range of new products/experiences over the next few months. Your ability to engage the community, create excitement, and channel their passion for our brand into constructive output will be crucial for our next phase of hyper growth. We need someone able to collaborate with internal departments to understand campaign objectives, then take it to the community and mobilise them in support of new product launches, and their marketing campaigns. 

  • Community growth: develop and execute innovative community growth and engagement strategies to increase new user conversion, community interactions and positive engagements. 

  • Community engagement: just, if not more, important than growth, is retaining and rewarding the amazing community we already have. Plan and execute virtual events, webinars, AMA sessions, and other community-focused initiatives to foster engagement and facilitate direct interactions between the project team and community members. Keep the community active, excited, and invested in the project's goals and vision. Moderate, answer questions, encourage discourse, build mini games/competitions/activities and challenges to stimulate the community.

  • Lead comms across all community channels: moderate discussions, address conflicts, and maintain a respectful and constructive atmosphere within the community. Able to influence the mood of the entire community if needed. 

  • Whilst you won't be responsible for content creation, you will have responsibility for oversight on all community channels. You can help shape the content strategy and support with comms on threads, chats and channels.

  • Manage your own team of approx. 7 moderators spanning several time zones. 

  • Proactively identify trends, feedback, and sentiments within the community, and channel this information to relevant internal teams to drive product improvements and enhancements.

  • Ability to forge new collaborations and partnerships within the web3 ecosystem. 


  • A firm understanding of building vibrant online communities.

  • Experience managing communities across all social media platforms, including Discord, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. 

  • Excellent communication skills coupled with high EQ: ability to tactfully de-escalate disputes, field queries/educate/provide guidance in a clear and interesting way, and ability to influence the mood of the community, be that creating hype and excitement or through de-escalation and recalibration. 

  • Crisis management: someone able to handle and communicate effectively during unexpected situations, e.g. security incidents or community concerns.

  • Passion for web3: a deep understanding of blockchain technology, decentralized systems, and the potential of web3 is essential to understand, effectively communicate with, and inspire community members.

  • Creative thinker with the ability to develop and execute unique community engagement initiatives.

  • The ability to foster a sense of belonging, inclusivity, and camaraderie within the community, while creating an environment that encourages meaningful interactions and collaboration. 

  • Able to moderate discussions, address conflicts, and maintain a respectful and constructive atmosphere within the community.

About Superduper:

Superduper is a web3 entertainment and IP company on a mission to onboard the first billion users into web3. We launched 15 months ago in the fast-paced and ever evolving NFT space, hitting the top 25 of all time in volume with well-known holders such as Steve Aoki, Brooklyn Beckham, Jaden Smith, and Faze Banks. 

Overlord is our first hero, consumer facing brand. Within its universe we’re creating multiple sets of IP via characters and stories (the Marvel of the future). Creepz, our first character set, already has an animated series being produced by Seth Green and his production company Stoopid Buddy, multiple video games in development, and a fashion line designed by GQ’s ‘menswear’s designer of the year’ about to launch with a major global retailer. 

The business has extremely ambitious product, community, and company growth goals, and is represented by WME and ThreeSixZero. In the next 6 months we’ll be launching multiple new experiences/sets of IP with the goal of creating a culturally relevant megabrand for mass market adoption. You'll be joining at an exciting time as our fanatical global fan base - who already generate over 1bn Twitter engagements per quarter and 1m Discord messages - continues to expand, and the company takes off into its next phase of hyper growth.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 3 hours with London, UK