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Blender 3D Generalist

  • Design & User Experience
  • Contract
  • London, GB
  • Remote

2023-04-05 20:24:05 UTC

About Superduper:

Superduper is a web3 entertainment and IP company on a mission to onboard the first billion users into web3. We launched 15 months ago in the fast-paced and ever evolving NFT space, hitting the top 25 of all time in volume with well-known holders such as Steve Aoki, Brooklyn Beckham, Jaden Smith, and Faze Banks. 

Overlord is our first hero, consumer facing brand. Within its universe we’re creating multiple sets of IP via characters and stories (the Marvel of the future). Creepz, our first character set, already has an animated series being produced by Seth Green and his production company Stoopid Buddy, multiple video games in development, and a fashion line designed by GQ’s ‘menswear’s designer of the year’ about to launch with a major global retailer. 

The business has extremely ambitious product, community, and company growth goals, and is represented by WME and ThreeSixZero. In the next 6 months we’ll be launching multiple new experiences/sets of IP with the goal of creating a culturally relevant megabrand for mass market adoption. You'll be joining at an exciting time as our fanatical global fan base, who already generate over 1bn Twitter engagements per quarter and 1m Discord messages continues to expand, and the company takes off into its next phase of hyper growth.

Job description:

Submissions will be looked at generally as opposed to for specific projects. Close to UK time zone preferred but not essential.

Immediate start for successful candidates. Competitive pay and a chance to build something new and unique. We want to bring people on that are interested in growing together as a team.


 __ ROLES __
(It is not necessary for one person to be able to do all of the below. We are hiring multiple 3D animators, so please just make clear in your application which of the below skills you are confident with.)


  • Retopology / UV unwrapping characters (Labourer) _must know and understand industry standards / most common practices

  • Knowledge of remeshing and correct UV mapping

  • Can retopo and UV unwrap a fully sculpted and high poly mesh. Game ready, within 1 to 2 days. 


  • 3D Sculpting (detailing pre-prepared models to specification) _must know and understand industry standards / most common practices

  • Can sculpt and model a 3D character based on concept art 

  • Can also sculpt finer details like hair, wrinkles, and teeth 

  • Able to export characters for a Blender and substance painter workflow 

  • 2 to 3 days for a really high end model


  • Character rigging (body and face) _must know and understand industry standards / most common practices


  • Working on textures for characters (stylized) [BLENDER > SUBSTANCE. BLENDER]

  • Texture a full stylized character within a day's work 

  • Based on images from a concept artist/ loose description 

  • Can bake normals from a high res mesh over to a low res.


  • Able to set up scenes, render, clean meshes, rig etc.

  • Great at problem solving


_relative experience / completed projects (show us you can do the job to a high standard and to a deadline)

_must be able to show relative work and completed jobs

_good work ethic (you will be expected to complete your tasks in a timely manner and help towards a frictionless work environment for everyone)

_be able to take critical feedback and self motivate to achieve goals (we all get invested in our work but we need you to be able to adapt and change things at short notice [within reason], again without friction) must have passion for their work


ROLE name / location / age / years of experience

link 1 - your personal work

link 2 - project you worked on / completed. Please timestamp or explain what you did.

What we offer:

We are building a company for tomorrow, defined by the purpose of our actions and the problems we are solving. We offer top-of-the-line benefits including, but not limited to, flexi working, health insurance, paid lunches, unlimited holiday and travel opportunities.

To best reflect the industry that we operate in we are striving to create a company of owners. As such there will be ongoing opportunities to take ownership of the company’s underlying token that we are collectively building. We believe in a culture of inclusion, diversity, and for our employees to be their full selves in the workplace.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 5 hours with London, UK