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Senior Product Manager

  • Product Management
  • Full-time
  • Sydney, AU
  • 160K - 180K AUD a year

2022-11-23 01:27:27 UTC

Introduction to Serenade

Want to make a positive impact on the lives of artists and fans around the world while developing a deep understanding of innovative web3 technologies and the music industry? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. 

At Serenade, we believe that owning music enriches the lives of fans and the artists they support. Through digital ownership, we’re bringing artists and fans together to translate the best parts of life - passion, creativity and authenticity - into a more sustainable and rich music ecosystem for all.

Serenade is a web3 music store and community where passionate fans discover, connect with, and directly support the artists they love. On Serenade, artists create limited edition Digital Pressings of their albums, EPs and singles for collection by fans who curate, display, listen to and trade their releases, all within a vibrant music universe that their direct support helps sustain.

Composed of fans, music industry figureheads and leading engineers, we’re a team brought together by our shared ambition to create a more exciting and sustainable music ecosystem for the benefit of mankind.

Sounds like a mission you could rally behind?

Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Product Manager to enshrine our product vision, strategy, process, roadmap and analytics into the business in partnership with the CEO, CTO, Engineering Manager and Experience & Design Lead. 

Core to this role is an enthusiasm to work across the stack of responsibilities; from topline strategy setting to execution with the design and technical teams, to user testing, resourcing and team management.

What you’ll do:

  • Deeply empathise with artists and fans. Artists and fans are at the heart of everything we do. You will be required to develop a deep understanding of our market, customer personas, how they work, their pain points, macro trends, etc. The team will look to you to be the voice of artists and fans in every discussion.

  • Own the roadmap. You will work closely with our CEO, CTO and Design & Experience Lead to define our vision and strategy. You won't just build what customers ask for - you're able to think strategically through customer needs, business opportunities and technical challenges when creating your roadmap. You are constantly striving to strike the right balance of innovation, product performance and core product improvements.

  • Build our product team. As an early member of the Serenade team, you will be tasked with hiring wonderful people to support with bringing your product vision to life over time. This will see you work alongside recruiters, be involved throughout the recruiting process, and make budgetary decisions.

  • Partner design and engineering. You will be the glue between design and engineering. You will need to be highly collaborative in your approach, working closely with design and engineering team members to make sure everyone is brought along the journey of product discovery and exploration, and support the daily decisions required to build great products efficiently at scale. You are constantly building customer empathy with the team.

  • Bridge partnerships and engineering. You understand that the demands of sales and the current state of technology are not always aligned, so you will set expectations and provide timelines to the partnerships team to help them set customer expectations. 

  • Think big, but start small. At Serenade we set lofty goals and have a bold, exciting vision for our product. You are able to build your own vision for your product area, and get your teammates and customers excited about it. This is balanced by your ability to sweat the details and push the product forward one day at a time.

  • Be exceptionally pragmatic. A great product person is pragmatic. You'll need to make the right tradeoffs to keep moving forward by balancing a variety of inputs and customer demands.

  • Be accountable for product quality. You're accountable for ensuring we always deliver a world-class product experience. We expect you to raise the bar and coach your team on why a great product experience is important, and what sort of things we need to do to build and maintain a world-class product.

Your background

  • Strong product management experience. You have occupied a senior product role in a professional organisation or startup, with 3+ years of experience interacting with a product roadmap and executing against it. You've experienced the ups and downs of shipping brand new product features, learning from customer feedback and iterating on your strategy.

  • You have shipped at least 2 products or features. We expect you to have taken a product or feature concept and worked across every stage of its development up to delivery, and beyond this, into success measurement.

  • Experience working closely with design and engineering teams. We expect you to jump right in and collaborate with our designers and engineers. You've had experience working in the weeds with product teams in making tough priority tradeoffs and helping them set product strategy.

  • Clear communication. We expect you to take big, ambitious ideas and distil them down into concise, exciting talking points. You have experience bringing the voice of the customer to an entire team and get buy-in on your ideas and strategies.

  • Pragmatism. We're looking for someone who can wear multiple hats across the entire lifecycle of product exploration, launch and adoption. You have a proven track record of making tough tradeoffs and rallying a team through difficult challenges.

  • Strong domain expertise is a plus. Ideally, you have hands-on experience working in small startups that are growing. Domain expertise in the music industry would be helpful, but not required.


Compensation: $160,000-180,000 + ESOP

Location: Sydney, Australia