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Founding Software Engineer (Growth)

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Remote friendly

Posted on February 22, 2024

At SellScale, we’re here to redefine how businesses grow revenue. We're building the future of sales with cutting-edge AI and NLP tools. From enhancing sales outreach strategies that existed pre-AI, to hacking new, previously unimaginable ways to grow revenue - you will contribute directly to growth. Today, our tools empower sales teams and founders, helping move millions of dollars in revenue.

💼 The Role

We are on the lookout for a Growth Engineer who will serve as a key player in our company’s and clients’ growth. This role is a unique blend of engineering, growth hacking, and product development. You'll be juggling go-to-market initiatives, with fun and hard new tech, as well as crafting seamless frontend and backend experiences. Each product and feature you ship will contribute to a robust, intuitive platform that sales teams and founders rely on for their growth every day.

✅ Experience you’ll want

  • At least 2-3+ years of experience in a dynamic software engineering role, ideally within a high-growth startup environment.

  • Ideally, experience in Python, React, React Native, Flask, PSQL, TypeScript, OpenAI

  • Fearlessly works across the entire software stack (backend, frontend, design, infra)

  • Strong UI/UX intuition and product sense, with the ability to translate customer needs into compelling product features.

  • Excellent communication skills, capable of articulating complex ideas clearly and engaging with customers effectively.

🎯 Outcomes you’ll drive

  • Build end-to-end products to improve the lives of sales people and founders looking to grow their business

  • Be part of an incredibly fast-paced and customer centric team that celebrates execution & quality product

  • Fearlessly works across the entire software stack (backend, frontend, design, infra)

  • Works with a stack that incudes Python, React, React Native, Flask, PSQL, OpenAI

  • Use cutting-edge technologies like inference models, gNLP, voice generation, and more

  • Work with customers to understand pain points then design + build solutions

  • High degrees of ownership & operational trust. Everyone on the team prefers a job where nobody cares if you need to leave for an ortho appointment in the middle of the day, but you also don’t think twice about addressing an urgent bug at 10pm while watching your favorite TV show in your PJs.

✨ How we work - 6 values we operate by:

  1. The Wizard of Oz

    Before engineering anything, we do it manually to understand tech & processes from first principles.

  2. Write everything down

    Writing is our superpower. Every employee contributes to our organism of thought via writing, from all hands to eng specs.

  3. Hackathon Mentality

    We operate on hackathon speed: high velocity, launch when uncomfortable, and try new things.

  4. Disinfect with sunlight

    We solve problems by first putting sunlight on the issue. If we see something falling behind, we'll build a dashboard or Slack channel so it's visible to everyone.

  5. Fall in love with Schlep

    Schlep is really boring, annoying problems that everyone overlooks, but is critical for UX. Solving schlep at SellScale is fun!

  6. Delta force

    A unit of A players beats an army of B players. At SellScale, we push limits of what one person can do, double down on internal talent, and hold a high performance bar.

👏 Why our team loves SellScale

  • Speed & Learning: Building at an early stage startup is the fastest way to grow & up-level.

  • Technology Focus: We are building at the frontiers of new-tech.

  • Strong Backing: We are backed by the best in AI, GTM, Sales.

  • Mission Driven: AI is going to reimagine what jobs will look like. Come help us build that future.

  • Other benefits

    • Quarterly offsites

    • Remote friendly

    • Unlimited PTO

    • Excellent healthcare

    • Learning & wellness stipends

    • Tech + equipment

Join SellScale to be at the forefront of the AI gold rush and sales. Let's build the future together, where sales are more personal, efficient, and impactful than ever before.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 5 hours with San Francisco, CA, USA