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Engineering Manager

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • Athens, GR
  • Remote friendly

2022-07-04 14:36:36 UTC

Reading note

We live in the era of authenticity. Our aim is to explore and create good, human matches. Respectively you don’t have to fill all application fields or meet the criteria in an absolute manner. If you feel there’s additional or alternative information that makes sense, you’re more than welcome to share it with us.

For any follow-ups or questions, feel free to reach out directly to Chris Andreikos or George Kary on LinkedIn.

About us

Pixelocracy is a technology agency with a class of nationwide clientele and projects, including and not limited to government, transit and shuttle, data analytics, highways, marketing, social networking and more. We tackle challenges from the smallest scope of a landing page to robust feature releases and extensive full-scale product development.

We are first and foremost a team of coordinators, advisors and technology experts and then act as managers, developers and designers. We treat every single one of our client’s projects as our very own products. Our mission is to transform industries with modern technologies and help advocate for a UX-first mentality.

How we work

  1. Iterations. No need to be perfect, but to move quickly with small steps.

  2. Ownership. Responsibility and leadership is spread equally across the team.

  3. Proactiveness. Stay ahead of the problems by tackling them earlier.

Past work

About this job

In a nutshell, you have a strong background in software engineering and you will lead technological functions of the company, integrally contributing to our company’s continuous success. Furthermore you’ll have the opportunity to lead high-caliber projects and highly professional team members.

Some key points to gain a better understanding:

  • Organise, monitor and manage technical aspects of project implementation.

  • Understand and lead technical decisions regarding the life cycle of software development, such as solution design, architecture and teamwork.

  • Coordinate with business, product, and operations leaders to realise our vision of making the company a next generation technology partner.

  • Ensure the delivery of our end products.

  • Guide & motivate team members upon our company standards on trust and excellence.

  • Improve the quality of our end products by reviewing the quality of code and solutions provided, while promoting best practices.

  • Lead by example by contributing to the codebase yourself whenever possible.

  • You’ll initially work under the guidance of a delivery coordinator and in conjunction with project managers, gradually undertaking significant parts of the company’s  portfolio.

  • You’ll drive front-end, back-end and infrastructure related work while utilising the know-how of the rest of the team.

  • You’ll analyse and document technical details regarding requirements, architecture, code and ticket/task briefs

  • You'll create time and effort estimations, turning them into implementation plans and actively participating in backlog and pipeline management

  • You’ll be required to independently manage your time, tasks and yourself as a professional and equal member of the team.

  • You’ll cultivate ownership and initiative, as you’ll be participating in decision making from the get-go and your feedback will be a necessary part of the team’s discussions.

  • You’ll cultivate a strong sense of business perspective helping turn projects into successful end results.

  • You’ll be asked to contribute feedback and ideas, towards the company’s strategy and growth.


Some important skills that we believe are very important:

  • Self-driven
    First and foremost, you must already be passionate about software development. We are driven by the technological wonders of the world wide web.

  • Analytical thinking
    You can research, understand, breakdown, communicate and document the necessary amounts of information, especially translating user needs to solid technical requirements.

  • Deep understanding of software
    You can utilise previous experience of at least 3-4 years in building software solutions.

Additionally, you will need to already possess a certain level of experience, enabling you to technically lead complex projects end-to-end, in the following indicative areas:

  • Creating and maintaining software systems in production environments.

  • Development workflows (dev, staging, production).

  • Back-end and/or front-end web development frameworks.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Ability to design solution architectures.

  • Good understanding of modern architectures and design patterns.

  • Team leadership, planning and coordination skills.

Nice to haves

Any of the following (if applicable) will help map a proper starting point - regardless if you display a strong knowledge or a passing interest.

  • Ability to design solution architectures.

  • Have the ability to solve key software challenges either by consulting team members or through hands-on involvement.

  • Leading a team, especially a technical one. Ideally if you’ve worked with cross-functional teams that included members across the board (ex. design, analysis, UX, BE, tester, etc).

  • AWS.

  • REST APIs.

  • Experience with development operations, automations, CI/CD.

  • Web development frameworks and tools.

  • Databases (especially SQL).

  • Network and infrastructure practices.

  • Git, development workflows, versioning systems.

  • Coding management software (ex. Github, Bitbucket).

  • Ticket management software (ex. Jira, Trello, Asana).

  • Product development terms (ex. versioning, Agile, backlog, sprint).

  • Quality assurance processes.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Pixelocracy as your next step!

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Remote restrictions

  • Must be a resident of Greece