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Freelancer - Bug Reproduction with Reflect

  • Quality Assurance
  • Contract
  • Taipei
  • Remote friendly
  • 100 USD a week

We are a dynamic and innovative team leveraging Reflect, a cutting-edge no-code automation tool accessible at Reflect. run, to enhance our testing processes. We're evolving our processes and seeking a skilled Freelance No-Code Testing Tool expert to automate recreating reported bugs using Reflect or similar tools.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in test automation, proficiency with Reflect or any other kind of no-code test automation tool, and a proven track record of efficiently reproducing bugs based on provided steps to reproduce.


  • Bug Reproduction:

    • Review bug tickets in the backlog, understanding the reported issues and steps to reproduce.

    • Utilize Reflect to automate the recreation of bugs by recording browser actions and interactions.

  • Collaboration: 

    • Work closely with our development and testing teams to ensure a clear understanding of bug reports and their context.

    • Provide timely updates on bug reproduction progress and collaborate on potential solutions.

  • Tutorials/Video Creation:

    • Develop informative tutorials or videos demonstrating how to use the chosen BI tool effectively for QA performance test data analysis.

    • Cover key functionalities, data interpretation, and troubleshooting tips.


  • Proven experience in test automation, particularly with Reflect or similar no-code automation tools.

  • Strong understanding of software testing methodologies and bug life cycle.

  • Excellent attention to detail and analytical skills.

  • Effective communication and collaboration skills.

  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.

What We Want to Learn from You Beforehand:

If you are passionate about test automation, have experience with no-code test automation tools, and enjoy solving challenging problems, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your application, including your resume and any portfolio or examples of your work.

Total Compensation: 

We are offering a total compensation of EUR 90 for the completion of this freelance project within an estimated timeframe of 1 week.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 8 hours with Taipei, Taiwan