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Our Company Values

Always be transparent

We pride ourselves on transparency, everything we share we do so openly and honestly. We expect the same from all our stakeholders. There should be no issue either challenging or being challenged as everything we do is done so with full visibility.

Focus on Fairness

We endeavor to ensure equality and integrity across the entirety of the supply chain that we maintain. Ensuring that we put careful consideration into every action we take.

Expect Quality

We expect quality from every member of the team with everything that they do.

We only source the highest quality coffee possible. We measure quality on taste, profile, economic impact, and the story of the origin.

Act with Consciousness

We ensure that all our actions are undertaken with conscious consideration. From the environmental impact of packaging to the economic initiatives we invest in. Every detail of our company should have consideration and we should be proud of it - if we aren't something is wrong.


We are an equal opportunity employer.

Come as you are. Omwani is progressive and an open-minded meritocracy. If you’re hard-working, intelligent and good and what you do, come as you are.