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DevOps Engineer and System Admin

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Posted on March 13, 2024

About Naro

At Naro, we've reimagined fund infrastructure to build and provide innovative capital allocation solutions. We enable companies to build their own customized fund products, such as ETFs, Index Funds and Money Market Funds, without an operational and regulatory burden.

This way we are redistributing earnings among all involved parties, giving the companies a bigger share of the earnings of the fund market, while creating better products, lower fees and higher interest for the end customer.

Naro is remote-first, but has collaborative working opportunities in Berlin and Cologne. We work with international businesses and have raised $3 million from top-tier VCs and experienced operators from the finance and technology scene.

About the Job

Job Description:

We are seeking a skilled and experienced DevOps Engineer and System Administrator to join our dynamic team. In this Role you will be working closely with our Tech-Team for achieving high available and legally compliant Infrastructure. If you are passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive continuous improvement and innovation, we want to hear from you!


  • Design, deploy, and manage resilient infrastructure configurations to ensure uninterrupted service availability for critical systems and applications.

  • Develop and maintain monitoring systems to detect and respond to potential issues before they impact availability. Implement automated alerting and response mechanisms to minimize downtime.

  • Develop and maintain disaster recovery plans and procedures to mitigate the impact of unexpected outages or failures. Conduct regular testing and simulations to validate the effectiveness of these plans.

  • Maintaining bare metal and cloud infrastructure involves performing regular maintenance to ensure reliability, security, and performance. This includes monitoring health and resource usage for early issue detection, implementing redundancy and failover to minimize downtime, and staying updated on emerging technologies for continuous improvement.

  • Implement automation tools and frameworks to streamline deployment, configuration management, and scaling processes. Utilize infrastructure-as-code principles to manage and provision resources efficiently.

  • You thrive on taking significant responsibility within our small tech team, demonstrating accountability in driving projects forward. Your proactive approach ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, and you willingly take ownership of challenges, contributing to the team's success and cohesion.

About You

  • Demonstrating proficiency in Linux and Ubuntu, you navigate system administration tasks and troubleshoot effectively.

  • Your experience deploying and orchestrating common databases, particularly MongoDB and Redis, showcases your expertise in ensuring optimal database performance and scalability.

  • Proficient in Docker, you streamline deployment processes and improve scalability by efficiently managing and orchestrating Docker containers.

  • Leveraging your knowledge in programming languages such as Shell, JavaScript, Python, or C++, you automate tasks, develop infrastructure code, and create custom tools to enhance efficiency.

  • With strong problem-solving skills and a proactive mindset, you take responsibility for ensuring the reliability, security, and performance of our infrastructure. Your ability to identify and address issues promptly contributes to a resilient and high-performing environment.

  • You bring either significant experience in managing big projects with a high level of responsibility or possess a relevant degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.

Why Join Us?

🚀 Competitive compensation package: We will offer you a competitive mix of cash and stock options, while appreciating your appetite for upside.

💎  Make a real impact: Be hands-on with our founder Chris on shaping the experience for our partners, while building the future of capital allocation. Be the change!

🕑  Flexible working hours: We value focus time. We’re encouraging everyone to minimise fixed meetings and leverage asynchronous communication.

💻  Build your perfect setup: MacBook, Mechanical Keyboard, Plugins: These are not expenses, but investments. Just tell us what is needed to make you productive and we’ll take care of it.

🏢 Flexible between Onsite and Remote options. We believe that in-person collaboration is an integral part of working together on business topics, but we offer flexibility for remote work. Once a quarter, the whole company meets for our offsite to honor this belief, while we organize fun team events regularly.

📈 Grow with us: We take your personal development seriously, meaning that we make sure to constantly mentor and challenge you so that you can reach your next level and beyond.

👶🏽 Get the flexibility you need: Whether you have a family or a business passion that you want to follow on the side. We want to offer you a setting that fits your current stage in life.

About the Process

Hiring can be an exhausting process, especially when you're the one openly on display. Therefore, we try to make this a fast and transparent process, where you feel very comfortable. Additionally, you will always have one contact person (Soline) guiding you through the process and helping you to schedule meetings, and setting you up on a path of success. Your process will look like this:

  1. Get to Know us | Soline, Founder’s Associate | 30 minutes

  2. Product Deep Dive | Nils, Co-Founder & CPO | 45 minutes

  3. Case Study & Role Deep Dive | Nils, Co-Founder & CPO & Jovan, Founding Engineer | 60 minutes

  4. 3 Reference Calls | Former Employers | 5 minutes each

  5. 2nd Co-Founder Call | Chris, Co-Founder & CEO