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Marketing Lead

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2023-06-22 09:33:06 UTC

🌿 About Lumi Interactive:

Our vision is to create truly hopeful change in the world by helping everyone to be kinder to themselves and kinder to others.

Our first product Kinder World is our first step in realising this vision. It is an emotional wellbeing game that makes it easy and fun to learn emotional wellbeing skills for stressed millennial and Gen Z women.

Our goal is to create a new category of emotional wellbeing game, building emotional wellbeing and resilience skills through joyful play.

Our female-founded team has launched the beta version of Kinder World to hundreds of thousands of players, and we’re now entering an exciting period of growth

🌿 What makes us special?

❤️ We care about your wellbeing. We have a 4 day work week and we give our employees a wellbeing stipend every month.

✨ We’re very player minded. We exist to improve the lives of our players so we constantly listen to player feedback. 

🌏 You’ll work in the way that fits you best. We’re happy for you to work from home and choose the hours you work (as long as the core meeting hours are covered).

🚀 You’re helping us grow from a sprout to a flower. We're entering an exciting period of growth moving towards our launch and beyond!

🌿 What’s the role?

You will be responsible for growing Kinder World! Our marketing focus is to create and own a new category in emotional wellbeing games. You’re responsible for the design and management of the plan to meet our marketing goals through both organic and paid methods. 

First and foremost, you pursue growth KPIs for all Kinder World products and provide leadership for all marketing team members. Success in this role is measured by successfully and sustainably meeting our growth and brand goals while upholding our company values.

We’re looking for a seasoned Lead Marketer who’s had recent experience in taking a mobile app or game product from zero to launch, not just maintaining a very established legacy brand, product or IP. The Lead Marketer will be working closely with the Production leadership and founders to focus on business objectives. This role will be quite different to another company’s marketing lead role. More than management work, marketing and product will be working together very closely, and you will be working directly on the product marketing experiments themselves.

Responsibilities will include: 

  • Design marketing strategy and plans to meet business objectives set by the founders.

  • Manage a data-driven approach to goal-setting and experimentation for all functions in the marketing team.

  • Provide overall leadership and management of the marketing and growth function for Kinder World products. 

  • Analyse and learn from ongoing competitor data in the ecosystem. 

  • Design and scale a growth engine to pursue a majority-organic player traffic ratio.

  • Navigate a post-ATT world for UA - challenges in affordable and scalable player acquisition channels are constant, and must be tackled with creative teamwork.

  • Work closely with Production to share understanding of our player priorities, and deliver the same messaging through our marketing and product.

🌿 To be effective, we believe you need to:

  • Have demonstrated experience in Senior Marketing for a mobile app, game, or consumer software product in a startup or fast-paced work environment.

  • Have demonstrated experience in taking a product from an early stage to scaled, launched success.

  • Be curious about our audience, learning to make and create a new category of game, and about our purpose to create a kinder world.

  • Prefer a data-driven approach to marketing goal-setting and experimentation.

  • Show a strong understanding of key marketing performance metrics.

  • Clearly communicate your ideas across different departments.

  • Be detailed with planning and documentation.

  • Work very closely together with the Product Manager. An effective positive relationship with the Product Manager will be very important (eg. join production retrospectives, co-lead research initiatives, work on feature priorities etc)

  • Have knowledge of mobile data analytics or be interested to learn.

  • Appreciate and value collaboration (both internal and external).

  • Thrive on the fast iterative nature of mobile F2P (or B2C) products.

  • Have excellent communication and professional relationship skills.

  • Marketing team leading experience is required.

We celebrate our inclusive work environment and welcome members of all backgrounds and perspectives to apply. At Lumi Interactive we're committed to developing and upholding an inclusive, transparent, and comfortable environment for all.

We aim for a clear recruitment process and barrier-free work environment for successful candidates. If our work team requires any accommodation, we work with them to meet accessibility needs.


This annual salary for a full time employee in this role is expected to range between $120k AUD and $130k AUD, based on experience.

How to apply:

Please apply using the form below, with a resume that has at least 2 professional references listed.👍