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Corporate Strategy Associate | Kulfi Collective

  • Operations & Strategy
  • Full-time
  • Mumbai, IN
  • Remote friendly

Company Background

Kulfi Collective is a modern media network that builds and operates brands and studios that function at the intersection of content, commerce and culture. We bring together talent and technology to produce innovative content properties and reimagine the future of storytelling for an open, decentralized web 3.0. 

Kulfi operates across three business verticals - Supari Studios (branded content), Keeda Media (original content) and Post Office (immersive content).

Over the past 10 years, we have produced 10,000+ minutes of content that has been viewed over 1.5 billion times online for brands and platforms such as Red Bull, Netflix, Google, Spotify, Disney+, Flipkart and Bumble to name a few.

Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Business Metric Analysis/Business Insights

    1. Identify key financial/business metrics to track from the 3 verticals (SS, PO, KM) and horizontals (G&B, F&L, P&C)

    2. Obtain and vet data from respective stakeholders

    3. Execute quantitative analyses with data - including gap and impact analysis

    4. Understand business implications of observations, analyses

    5. Help build and maintain visual dashboards reflecting the above

  1. Corporate Strategy

    1. Support other corporate strategy responsibilities as needed, including, market research and competitor benchmarking

  1. Digital Transformation Initiatives

    1. Research tools and solutions to address bottlenecks in workflows - identify process improvement opportunities

    2. Support tool implementation/product development roadmap and timelines in line with organizational OKRs

    3. Communicate progress and upcoming challenges with stakeholders on a regular basis

  1. Fundraising

    1. Building a Top of the Funnel list of potential investors (organizations/individuals) through tools such as CrunchBase, LinkedIn, and other sources including news articles, blogs, etc.

    2. Identifying the right people to speak to at the relevant organizations and sourcing their contact details through tools (for ex: Rocket Reach), LinkedIn, company websites, news articles, blogs, podcasts, etc.

    3. Understanding investors’ investment theses (through investor literature, news articles, blogs, etc.) to check if there is fit and/or to inform pitch outreach

    4. Studying current deals in the space to keep abreast of market trends, developments and feed into the investor research activities.

    5. Assist in creating decks that address queries raised by potential investors - on a case to case basis.


  1. Business Insights:

    1. Adherence to business reporting cadences 

    2. Regular reports on business performance and insights

  1. Digital Transformation Initiatives:

    1. Tools/Solutions/Process Improvements recommended

    2. Adherence to process improvement/implementation roadmaps and timelines

    3. Efficiency/Cost benefit impact as a result of process improvements/implementation

  1. Fundraise:

    1. Investor Outreach targets

    2. Investor Meeting targets


  1. Background in Statistics/IT/Business Administration/Data Analysis/Operations Management

  2. Work experience: 1-2 years in Consulting/Strategy and Operations preferred

  3. Familiarity with G-Suite, Excel, Data Visualization Tools

  4. Ability to work within diverse teams of varying skill levels and skill sets

  5. Attention to documentation - familiarity with developing process roadmaps, project scopes, etc.

  6. Interest in global media, media-tech, Web3 and other technology developments

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