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🎬 Intern - Video Production | Vitamin Stree

  • Creative Production
  • Internship
  • Mumbai, IN

Who are we?

Vitamin Stree is a content brand that is on a mission to reshape the narrative around gender & identity in India. A.k.a that cool older sibling that provides a safe space for conversations that mainstream media largely skips, schools don't cover too well or society considers too taboo talk about. To know more about us, take a sneak peak at our content!

No of Openings: 1
Work Duration: 3 months (subject to extension/retainer engagement)
Location: Mumbai
Specialisation: Operations, Line Production

This intern will primarily be responsible for independently executing long format content for Vitamin Stree’s YouTube channel from concept to delivery.

Here’s what your days at Vitamin Stree will look like:

  • Working closely with Lead Producers to learn the entire live action production process from concept to delivery. 

  • End-to-end execution of atleast 1 live action shoot per month.

  • Managing the production budget & ensuring we spend wisely.

  • Manage video operations, including vendor management, asset management (digital & tactile), in-house equipment, conducting voice over recordings etc.

  • Scouting for outstanding talent on social media platforms like - Vimeo, Instagram. Behance etc

  • Understand softer aspects of content creation (TG’s needs, assessing a good research document, the importance of good thumbnails etc) and constantly learn and develop new skills that can help the channel grow further

  • Be an integral part of the Vitamin Stree team and working towards building a successful community and channel 

But hey, what skills do you need to have?

We’re looking for a tech savvy individual who:

  • Basic work experience in filmmaking and creating non-fiction content on shoestring budgets & tight timelines

  • Strong communication skills with the ability to communicate ideas and critical feedback in a clear and precise manner

  • Basic knowledge of Google Suite and all things film related, including but not limited to technical of cinematography, direction, writing, research, editing, sound mixing, music, SFX and so on

  • An eagerness to learn about other technological aspects that can aid filmmaking like data, social media and so on

If you've  got these Skills, get in bestie we’re going to create some kickass content!

But what’s in it for me, Vitamin Stree? Well, we’ve got you covered!

  • Learning how to creatively produce non-fiction content for YouTube

  • Practical experience what it takes to run a successful YouTube channel 

  • Fast paced learning with a team passionate about feminist values  

  • And most importantly, the money honey!