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Sr. Lead - Content Development | Keeda Media

  • Creative Direction
  • Full-time
  • Mumbai, IN
  • Remote friendly

Company Background

Keeda Media is an original content studio focussed on building original content IPs that shape culture and ignite social discourse amongst young audiences across India and the world.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop successful pitches for series, features, and multi-part documentaries in response to internal and external ideas ensuring that they are in line with Keeda’s content thesis and voice. 

  • Work closely with internal and external teams to refine the pitches

  • Take creative feedback from multiple sources and identify the best way to address it, directly or indirectly, for the benefit of the work

  • Take efforts in sourcing as well as building ideas to create a robust and scalable pipeline of pitch decks and series bibles across key content territories such as music, culture, gender, identity, gaming, sports and crypto

  • Actively participate in internal brainstorming and ideation sessions to elevate pitches

  • Jump in to teach more junior creatives whenever the opportunity arises.

  • Work in close partnership with all internal and external stakeholders to drive projects from script to screen

  • Build, maintain and update Keeda’s filters and organisational mission through the projects we chose to pursue

  • Serve as a key contributor to the overall Keeda strategy as part of the leadership team

  • Liaison to other departments including Production, Finance and Legal as and when the need arises



  • Has around 5-9 yrs of work experience in content creation and/or content development of non-fiction IPs

  • Has been a part of the pitching process of a non-fiction project to streamers or studios

  • An ability to take an idea and turn it into a compelling pitch, fine tuning the concept, identifying potential treatments, creating compelling storylines and presenting a riveting project 

  • An ability to successfully identify emerging creative talent, and cultivate relationships with them

  • A strong knowledge and understanding of tone and genre of nonfiction content, of the underlying structure long form narratives, and of the emotional impact different types of stories have on Gen Y & Gen Z audiences

  • An ability to identify projects with creative and commercial potential

  • An understanding of the needs of production requirement to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget


  • Should have a curious mind and ideally consume non-fiction content across genres and formats

  • Should be interested in non-fiction content across music, culture, gender, identity, sports, gaming and crypto

  • Should understand how media businesses run and operate

  • Should be keen to adapt to a startup culture, adopting processes and tools, working with a constantly evolving landscape

Remote restrictions

  • Must be a resident of India