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Chief of Staff

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2022-08-24 18:20:22 UTC

About JusticeText

JusticeText is a Bloomberg Beta and True Ventures-backed startup that is building technology to improve criminal justice outcomes for low-income Americans.

We work with public defense agencies across the country to develop video evidence management software that strengthens their ability to advocate for everyday citizens. Racial and economic justice is at the core of our company mission, and we believe technological innovation has an important role to play in this movement.

Our AI-powered video evidence management platform enables public defense attorneys to more effectively identify relevant insights from audiovisual evidence and hold police accountable. By providing value for public defense attorneys through time saved, we aim to ensure fairer outcomes for those most vulnerable.

Company History

JusticeText was co-founded by Devshi Mehrotra and Leslie Jones-Dove in January 2019 while they were both computer science students at the University of Chicago. The founding team has been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30, MIT Solve, and SXSW Pitch.

The company has raised over $2M in funding from Silicon Valley VC firms like Bloomberg Beta and True Ventures and angel investors like John Legend, Reid Hoffman, and Michael Tubbs.

The first iteration of the product was built in direct collaboration with the Cook County Public Defender's Office in Chicago. Since then, JusticeText has rapidly expanded to public defense agencies nationwide, including a flagship partnership with the Virginia Indigent Defense Commission.

Who I’m Looking For

I am looking for a talented, scrappy individual who can be a thought partner for me as we scale from 50 to 100+ public defender agencies over the next year. It is an exciting time for the business — we recently crossed our first $1M in sales, including a flagship statewide partnership with the state of Virginia. We have an excellent product that is resonating with our users and improving outcomes for low-income criminal defendants nationwide. I am now looking for a mission-driven operator to work with me to create the internal processes and build the right team to execute on our go-to-market strategy.

The ideal candidate will have the following qualities:

  • Quick Learner: You will inevitably be tasked with projects you don’t have prior experience with. You should be comfortable gathering the resources and asking as many questions as needed to get up to speed.

  • Strong People Skills: You should be able to build strong, authentic relationships with a variety of stakeholders — clients, advisors, journalists, etc. There will be times when I ask you to speak on behalf of the company in public settings.

  • Self-Starter: You have a strong bias towards action. I will fully support you when you pitch new project ideas and take ownership of those tasks.

  • Highly Organized: You should be able to manage multiple ongoing projects and communicate major updates internally in a clear and consistent manner.

  • Excellent Communication: Having strong written and verbal communication is key. Read this article our former Chief of Staff wrote on effective note-taking and documentation.

  • Mission Driven: Racial and economic justice is at the core of our company mission, and we want to build a team of individuals similarly motivated by effecting social change.

  • Willingness to Travel: This role is primarily remote but will require in-person visits to partner agencies and participation in industry conferences.

  • Previous Experience: 2+ years or previous experience in consulting or at a startup is ideal

About the Role

Being Chief of Staff at a 10-person startup means that you will be wearing multiple hats across the core functional areas of the business. This is an exciting opportunity that will allow you to influence the company’s product development priorities, growth strategy, and hiring plan.

It is also a high exposure role — you will be regularly interacting with our clients, investors, and strategic partners. The role will introduce you to the inner-workings of early-stage entrepreneurship and is an amazing opportunity for anyone who isn’t afraid to hustle and wants to make a big impact.

Your first month on the job will consist of joining all of my meetings and conducting follow ups as needed. My goal is to have you be able to emulate my decision-making process as soon as possible and begin to take ownership over entire work-streams. No two weeks will look the same! You will be working closely with me to tackle the company’s biggest priorities as they evolve and change over time.

Your responsibilities will fall in the following general categories:

Sales + Biz Ops

  • Refine and iterate on the company’s go-to-market strategy

  • Identify a set of core KPI our sales team (i.e. MoM growth rate, average sales cycle length)

  • Identify a set of core KPIs for our customer success team

  • Manage and cultivate relationships with key clients in the public sector

Marketing + Communications

  • Write case studies about power users/key client organizations and press releases highlighting major updates (i.e. fundraising, new client partnerships)

  • Build social media presence (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn) leveraging original content, relevant news, etc.

  • Pitch news organizations and trade publications on stories about the company and the role that audiovisual evidence plays in the legal industry

  • Identify relevant industry conferences, podcasts, webinars, etc. for our executive team to attend

  • Write monthly investor updates


  • Research big market trends in the criminal justice space and synthesize a biweekly summary (i.e. BWC mandates, public defender budgets)

  • Identify candidates for an advisory board

  • Conduct competitor research


  • Help coordinate logistics for conferences, team off-sites, and in-person client visits

  • Create internal playbooks for core functional areas of the business

  • Build hiring plans and conduct first-round interviews

Application and Next Steps

To apply, please submit your resume and a 250-word response to the question “Why JusticeText?”

Select, qualified applicants will be invited to interview with our team.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 6 hours with New York, NY, USA
  • Must be a resident of United States