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Mid/Senior Python Developer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • London, GB
  • 50K - 70K GBP a year

2022-02-09 17:14:49 UTC

About Journee

We believe the world will be a better place if we embrace our differences. Travel is the way to make that happen.

Done right, a trip to a destination with a unique culture​ will take you on a journey of personal growth. It will erode your prejudices and broaden your horizons. It will make you more understanding, accepting and ultimately loving. 

And a world with more love in it is a much better place ❤️

Read our full story here.

How does Journee work?

Our Explorers fill in our 15 minute Trip Matchmaker form to build their travel personality. It includes budget, dates, where they’ve been before, and most importantly, the things they like to do when they travel.

We then match them with an interesting destination and exciting trip based on their travel personality. We book and organise everything whilst sending fun clues to keep them guessing. 

They then turn up to the airport n days later and reveal where they’re going! 🎉

Job Overview

We are looking for an all-rounder Python/Django developer to join our development team. Technology underpins the growth aspirations of Journee, and as an early team member you’ll be critical in helping us leverage technology and apply it to the consumer travel space. 

To achieve scale and bring Journee to as many people as possible, we are automating large parts of the customer journey that is traditionally handled manually, all the way from when a potential traveller first hears about us to when they come back from their trip. One key element of this is our algorithmic matchmaking technology that assists our travel planners in matching customers to the destinations and experiences that make up our customer-delighting trips. To support this we’re developing an innovative data & management layer for modelling the components of our complex trips in a new way that allows trips to be generated, and adjustments to be handled as simply as possible.

On the user-facing side we have our Journee Passport which brings together all the personalised trip elements including a trip proposal, weather forecast, packing list, clues delivered over WhatsApp, and a printed itinerary and destination guide for when they’re away.

There are a lot of roles in tech where the consumer is distant and the work is undifferentiated between different sectors. This is not one of those roles. We’re very close to our travellers and get to share in their journey, and everything we work on is to support that.


  • Expanding the capabilities of our Journee matchmaking technology. This software is the beating heart of what we do. Needless to say we’re pretty proud of it, and it can be so much more with your input. This year we’ll have a particular focus on instrumenting it to help us understand and evolve it, and incorporate new feedback loops to enhance its performance.

  • Building new features from scratch and making improvements to our internal systems. This includes continuing to innovate on the data layer that both describes trips that we offer for matchmaking, and allows delivery and management of trips once booked.

  • Designing and extending backend architectures in a scalable and secure way, leveraging cloud infrastructure. We love the cloud, and you should too! An appreciation of systems architecture is important as we’re still laying the groundwork. We lean on external software services wherever possible, so you’ll iterate on how we glue these disparate systems together, ensuring that everything happens when it should.

  • Working with the rest of the team to guide operational efficiencies and external/internal improvements, as we always aim for our team to do more with less. You’ll get a high level of autonomy and ownership if you want it; you’ll be at the table making product & software design decisions.

  • Bringing software best practices to the table. This might be through highlighting new technologies and how we can benefit from them; we’re open to all ideas. Additionally we want someone who can highlight issues and make suggestions as they go to strengthen what we already have.

  • Implementing tests where appropriate. Knowing when to write tests that add value rather than being dogmatic is key, as a large part of our tooling today is internal-facing.

  • Build out more user-facing features as we ramp the digital experiences we can offer customers who travel with us. This currently encompasses our Journee Passport website and comms we send over email & WhatsApp. Any frontend work will be an optional part of this role, but a willingness to learn new skills will go a long way.

  • Use our service and influence it! Go on a trip, make notes, and then come back and suggest how we can make the Journee experience even better.

What we look for

  • Proven experience with Python and Django in different companies.

  • Exposure to and enthusiasm for cloud infrastructure, systems design, and architecture.

  • A problem solver with a passion for automation.

  • Experience with various database technologies.

  • Technical proficiency, intrinsic motivation, and the ability to work independently.

  • Curiosity and a strong desire to learn. You’re eager to try new things and improve your own skill set; learning on the job is important to you.

  • You want to feel like what you work on makes a difference. We can give you that. You don’t want to be a small part of a large machine; you want to see your impact. We’re all about having a big impact with a small team, and you’ll take pride in pushing that forwards.

  • Willingness to take control, have opinions, and get stuck into a challenge.

  • Confidence in your decision-making. You don’t need to get it right first time, but you’ll take time to consider problems and solutions before diving in.

  • Finding the balance between speed of delivery and completeness. We’re at an early stage, so done is better than perfect, we like to move fast.

  • We want someone proactive who wants more than just to be handed pre-defined tasks. You’ll always be on the look out for improvements to suggest in any area of the business.

  • You’ll be comfortable working on a larger number of smaller projects/tasks. We’re not yet at the stage where we have many month-long projects.

Technologies we use

  • Backend: Python (3.9, with typing), Django (4.0), Postgres

  • Frontend: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Jinja2, DTL

  • Infrastructure:  Heroku, AWS, Docker, Serverless framework, GitLab CI

  • APIs: Typeform, Stripe, boto3, CRMs, email providers, WhatsApp, travel data providers


  • Be part of an early-stage team building a next-generation travel company, working alongside the founders.

  • We’re fairly flexible on amount of time spent in the office vs working from home (we’ve got a private office in a co-working space in Bow, East London)

  • Employee options (you’ll own a piece of Journee!)

  • Minimum 25 days holiday + bank holidays (we’re flexible)


I hope this gives you an idea of the kind of company we are and the kind of person we’re looking for. We want someone who’s driven, engaged, and wants make an outsized impact in an exciting early-stage startup that’s re-inventing how people travel. We all love what we’re working on, and that’s important to you also. I’m more than happy to have an informal chat about us and the role before anything more formal; mention this and leave me a WhatsApp number for a call.

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