Gencores, Inc.

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Senior Polymer Scientist

  • Material Science and Engineering
  • Full-time
  • Somerville, MA


Reaching net-zero across industry sectors is an enormous challenge.

Gencores leverages groundbreaking advancements in chemistry, material structuration, manufacturing, and automation to produce novel recyclable composite metamaterials at low cost. These unique ultra-light composites significantly outperform conventional materials, enabling the creation of high-efficiency vehicles, wind turbines and the enhancement of numerous other large-scale industrial structures and products.

Our groundbreaking developments have garnered support and funding from prestigious and forward-thinking organizations and industry partners such as Bill Gates' climate fund, Breakthrough Energy, MIT, the U.S. Department of Energy.

Join us to revolutionize transportation, wind energy, and more, and shape a sustainable future!


The Gencores’ team seeks a mission-driven Senior Polymer Scientist to join our research and development team. You will be part of a fast-growing, interdisciplinary team of outstanding scientists and engineers working closely together to bring a new class of composite metamaterials to market.

Your essential job responsibilities:

  • Design and synthesize polymers, copolymers, and oligomers to produce Gencores’ unique metamaterials for high-temperature and high-strength applications

  • Characterize or coordinate the characterization of essential physical and chemical properties of synthesized polymer materials

  • Analyze experimental data and develop understanding of relationship between the polymer structure/property. Run simple feasibility studies to overcome synthetic and formulation challenges.

  • Develop economical approaches for scale-up

Your experience or skills:

These points are not hard requirements. If you do not fit them perfectly but feel like you would do the job well, do not hesitate to apply!

  • Capacity to examine, employ and develop various polymer chemistry and polymerization techniques to create novel polymer structures

  • Extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in monomer/polymer design and synthesis, polymer modification and characterization

  • Able to keep developments on track, balancing speed and scientific rigor, within budge

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills with a proven ability to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team

Our preferred qualifications:

  • M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Polymer Science or Organic chemistry focusing on polymer synthesis and physical characterization.

  • At least 3-5 years’ experience designing materials in industry or during a post-doctoral experience is preferred

  • Experience with solution formulation and processing, such as mixing, extrusion, and formation of foams

  • Experience in scaling up chemical reactions (polymer synthesis) and material fabrications processes from the lab to pilot scale or higher is preferred

Company Culture

Gencores presents a unique opportunity to join a dynamic community of exceptional Scientists and Engineers who highly value diverse approaches to critical thinking and leadership. Our aim is to foster an inclusive environment that promotes discussions, where diverse perspectives are embraced and individual voices are respected. We acknowledge that individuals from various backgrounds and experiences will be key contributors to our success, and we celebrate this diversity. We wholeheartedly welcome team members of all races, ethnicities, religions, age groups, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, national origins, abilities, genetic makeups, veteran statuses, and individuals with past incarceration experiences. Lastly, our mission is challenging and ambitious, yet we firmly believe in maintaining a harmonious balance between dedicated effort and enjoyment! If you share our passion for collaborative achievements, contact us.

Compensation and benefits

To ensure the long-term productivity and success of our company, we prioritize the well-being of our team members. We are committed to providing a supportive environment that promotes physical, mental, and financial safety. To achieve this, we offer the following benefits:

  • Abundant opportunities for fast career progression

  • A competitive salary, along with performance bonuses and stock options

  • Employees enjoy premium benefits for medical, dental, vision, and life insurances

  • An unlimited paid vacation policy encouraging employees to prioritize their well-being and work-life balance with the expectation that employees take a minimum of 15 days off per year and a whole week off at least once per year.

  • A prime location in the picturesque and convenient heart of Somerville, MA.


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