Foundation Alloy

Materials Scientist

  • Full-time
  • Cambridge, MA

2022-05-24 17:00:32 UTC

About the company

Foundation Alloy is building the most advanced metal parts supplier in the world. Our mission is to enable innovation in the physical world, and unlock safer, greener and more exciting generations of products across critical industries like space, aerospace, automotive, energy and defense. Leveraging materials technology from MIT and UC Irvine, alongside advanced manufacturing and automation, we can make parts that blow through the performance plateaus of legacy materials and processes while reducing lead times by 90%, energy usage by 50%, and costs.


We don’t look for profiles that “fit” with our culture. We look for people that add to who we are - people with the initiative, positive approach to problem solving, and passion for something (anything!) that will make them both high impact and exciting to work alongside from day one. We know that these people come from all walks of life, with all backgrounds and levels of experience. If you’re excited about the work we can do together, please reach out. We enthusiastically welcome team members of all races, colors, religions, ages, sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities, national origins, different abilities, genetics, veteran statuses, and former incarceration statuses. 

Compensation and Benefits

The success of this company will be grounded in the long-term productivity of our team. To provide everyone with the physical, mental and financial safety to operate at their long-term best, we provide the following:

  • Meaningful, challenging, impactful work, and opportunities to grow within the company at all levels

  • Competitive salary, guaranteed to rise with inflation at a minimum each year

  • Equity - People at every level will have an impact, and should benefit from their work

  • Unlimited paid vacation, with a very strong expectation that employees take a minimum of 15 days off per year, and a full week off at least once per year

  • Flexible working style. Many jobs will require people to be present in person or in office most of the time, but in general we care about what’s getting done, not when or where you’re doing it

  • Top tier health and dental insurance with limited employee contributions

  • A voice in future benefits. This is the beginning, and we will work together to keep adding new, better ways to provide for everyone in the company

What you’ll be working on

  • Design, create, and test new alloys with exceptional mechanical properties for various powder metallurgy processes.

  • Operate laboratory-scale powder mills to mechanically alloy various metals.

  • Perform characterization on powder samples using a wide range of laboratory techniques.

  • Work closely with process engineers to support large-scale production processes.


  • Masters or Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Metallurgy, or equivalent experience.

  • Expertise in thermodynamics and kinetics of metals.  Strong understanding of structure/process/property relationships in metals.

  • Experienced in a wide range of materials characterization techniques (e.g. metallography, SEM, X-ray diffraction, mechanical testing).

  • Able to iterate quickly and lead fast-paced research and design projects.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.