Extract Production Services

Business Systems Administrator

  • Full-time
  • Tulsa, OK

2023-01-27 21:23:15 UTC

Business Systems Administrator


Essential Duties & Responsibilities


·       Analyzes and calculates the business needs of the organization through systems and processes.

·       Analyzes and figuring out the business systems and processes needs of the organization.

·       Ensures systems operate efficiently by performing any necessary upgrades and repairs.

·       Optimizes databases and evaluates systems regularly.

·       Assigns and updates security permissions for the business systems.

·       Trains or directs users on the correct use of software and processes within the system.

·       Performs problem-solving tasks when alerted by a user or monitoring system.

·       Extracts and/or loads data.

·       Authenticates data.

·       Preserves data integrity.


Qualifications & Experience


·       Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics, Accounting, or similar.

·       3+ years' experience as a process or business analyst.

·       Understanding of business functions, workflows, and processes.

·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·       Excellent attention to detail and analytical problem – solving skills.

·       Knowledge of multiple file formats and data transfer techniques.

·       Experience with Quickbase, Fishbowl, ERP systems, or other Cloud based low code software.

·       Knowledge of database structure languages, such as SQL or SQL/PSM.

·       Knowledge of popular programming languages such JavaScript, HTML and VBA.

·       Familiarity with database reporting tools and management utilizing best practices.

·       Knowledge of IT security and best practices.

·       Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, MS Access).