Extract Production Services

Reliability Engineer Supervisor

  • Engineering
  • Full-time
  • Midland, TX

2022-06-13 20:05:45 UTC

The role of the Reliability Engineer Supervisor is to originate and develop methods to determine reliability of components, equipment, and processes. Acquire and analyze data. Prepare calculations and reports to define reliability problems and make recommendations for improvements. Conduct analysis of reliability problems and investigate them to determine the required reliability approach for a particular situation, with consideration given to cost limitations for equipment uptime/downtime, repair/replacement costs and weight, size, and availability of materials/equipment.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

·      Gather and examine basic reliability data from field studies using engineering principles.  

·      Perform detailed/routine engineering calculations.

·      Assist in root cause failure analysis to avoid future failures.

·      Other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements

·      Strong analytical skills including the ability to identify condition changes in a monitoring setting.

·      Strong written and verbal communication skills.

·      Willing to work in manufacturing and field operations.

·      Willing to work outside normal business hours.


Educational Experience

·      7+ years of experience

·      Engineering degree (Mechanical, Petroleum, Electrical)

·      Mechanical and electrical aptitude.