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Content Strategist

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Hey, we’re Bunsen. We do creative work for science companies who are solving some of the toughest problems on the planet. Mostly, we help these folks be understood so that they can achieve their most ambitious goals. We’re creators who need the collaborative support of a Content Strategist. That might be you.

Job description

As a Content Strategist, you're the closest to the information, and you'll be the content backbone of each project. (Jellies need not apply.) We'll look to you to dazzle us with your overarching strategies and gracefully keep project nuances in check—from discovery all the way to the big launch day.

We'll fiercely depend on you—like guacamole depends on perfectly ripe avocado—to ensure the integrity of the information remains strong through each handoff and every client revision. And to get 'er done, you'll work closely with our multifaceted team of scientists, writers, designers, strategists, and developers from around the world. (We think they're pretty great, and we'll think you'll be too.)

For us to swipe right, there are two main things you’ll need to succeed. 1. You'll need to be intensely curious (we love intensity) and 2. have the ability to understand, synthesize, and seamlessly communicate complex ideas to our team, our clients, and our client’s customers. We need someone who can unravel our client’s technologies, craft a compelling narrative around them, and organize the information in a way that is accessible (and, heck, desirable!!) to diverse audiences.



  • Be the objectives-driven, customer-focused glue that holds each phase of a project together

  • Work with highly technical clients in the science and deep tech industries

  • Act as an advocate for the client throughout the project to ensure no information is lost and everyone aligns toward a common goal

  • Identify and develop strategies to improve Bunsen’s process (we love feedback)

  • Maintain the integrity🫡 of the vision of the project and the client’s intended goals along with the project manager


  • Help lead discovery workshops to understand the client’s story, technology, audience, and goals

  • Conduct user research and analysis to identify user needs, pain points, and goals

  • Synthesize insights from the discovery process to align the client and the team

  • Collaborate with designers and scientific advisors👩‍🔬


  • Support workshops to guide visual identity, voice, tone, naming, etc.

  • Define brand strategy in the form audience personas, competitive analysis, positioning, and other methods

  • Collaborate with brand designers to ensure visual brand elements accurately express the client’s technology and resonate with their audience


  • Work to create content strategy, content outlines, and copywriting as needed for a variety of deliverables, including websites, decks, and print marketing or sales materials

  • Guide and oversee the work of copywriters when projects require them

  • Create sitemaps, priority guides, and/or low-fidelity wireframes for websites that utilize the very best UX practices while fulfilling client goals ✔️

  • Collaborate with scientific storytellers to craft copy that meets intended objectives


  • Guide the creation of information diagram concepts and data visualizations that strike a balance between technical accuracy and sweet simplicity 😌

  • Collaborate with visual designers to make sure strategy, content, and brand are translated seamlessly into the final designs

  • Assist designers with the presentation of the materials to the client, while ensuring consistency and quality are maintained

Sales & Partnerships

  • Work with Sales and Partnerships to support new business calls when needed

  • Relay vital project information to Partnerships staff to support them in supporting the client


  • You have education and/or experience in either content strategy, content design, and/or journalism

  • You have a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to translate complex ideas into compelling content deliverables

  • You have experience working on complex subject matter. Specifically, you have helped develop content for biotech, life sciences, and deep tech companies in the past.

  • You have previous experience working for creative agencies and/or product teams, and you are highly knowledgeable about the process of creating materials such as websites, products, decks, and brand identities.

  • You have experience leading diverse teams with multiple skill sets

  • Think you’re qualified even without this? Tell us why!


  • You have a passion for learning about science and technology 🧬

  • You can speak clearly and maintain your composure under pressure

  • You can think flexibly about solving problems that arise during projects

  • You have strong primary and secondary research skills

  • You know what looks good and what doesn’t and can explain why thoughtfully

  • You can artfully manage multiple projects and clients simultaneously

  • You are proficient in creating priority guides and/or low fidelity wireframes (bonus points if it’s in Figma!)

Could it be you?

If it’s true, we invite you to share your experience and resume. Consider highlighting 2-3 past projects you feel align to our work (hint: projects that translated complex science or deep tech concepts into clear, compelling design).

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 5 hours with San Francisco, CA, USA