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Software Developer (TypeScript, React, Node.js)

  • Software Development
  • Contract
  • Berlin, DE
  • Remote
  • 4K - 5K EUR a month

2022-10-16 13:26:13 UTC


  • We're a small, bootstrapped analytics company with a remote team

  • You'll be the first engineer to join in addition to our founding team

  • Our codebase is TypeScript on both frontend and backend

  • There's a wide variety of projects to work on and tons to learn

  • Opportunity to be mentored by a senior engineer

  • Our budget is 4,000 - 5,000 EUR per month

  • Hours are flexible for the right candidate

  • Some overlap needed with GMT+2

  • This is a remote, contract role

  • Link to apply below!

About the role

Affilimate looking for a contract fullstack developer skilled in TypeScript, React, and Node.js to join us.

Our product is a web analytics and data aggregation platform used by media companies, digital marketers, and content creators. We track millions of pageviews per day and millions in revenue every month for our customers.

This role is a great fit for generalist software engineers, who like to work on a lot of different kinds of projects.

Our team is small and our processes are efficient. You'll eventually ship code to production on a daily basis.

Our cofounder, Monica Lent, is an experienced software engineer and will help train you on the specifics of this position.

Our tech stack

Our codebase lives in a monorepo consisting of about 190,000 lines of TypeScript. Specific technologies we use are:

  • Frontend: React 17, Firebase, Emotion, Material UI, Recharts

  • Databases: Firestore, Realtime database, Postgres, Redis, BigQuery

  • Backend: Firestore, Cloud functions

  • Testing: Jest

  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform

In general, our codebase is pretty modern and in great shape!

We're looking for someone who can balance a high level of code quality with practical decision-making.

Typical tasks will include:

  • Implementing UI, UX and onboarding improvements based on prepared specs and design mockups.

  • Building new reports and data visualizations, including pulling the data from the database(s) in a Cloud Function, formatting it for display it in charts and tables, and adding search/sort/filter capabilities.

  • Building new tools, where you also need to store or cache data to make them fast and performant.

  • Writing API integrations following proven patterns and systems.

  • Extending our analytics infrastructure with new capabilities and data points.

  • And of course, maintenance, refactoring, and bugfixing issues reported to our Support team + writing internal documentation.

A few specific features we have on the horizon are: team management, user roles and permissions, a link generator tool, and segment-based reporting.

In general, there's a wide variety of work, so there's a lot to learn no matter your background.

The product

Affilimate is an analytics platform that helps media companies, marketers, and creators grow their website's affiliate revenue by understanding exactly where their revenue is coming from.

We do that in three ways:

  • Aggregating transaction data from multiple affiliate networks in one place via APIs and other integration methods

  • Automating affiliate revenue attribution back to content and links

  • Optimization tools like heatmaps and revision tracking

It looks something like this:

Affiliate DashboardMulti-Site SupportLocation

Remote, with some timezone overlap with GMT+2 working hours.

Pay and benefits

  • 4,000 - 5,000 EUR per month, depending on experience

  • Work remotely and enjoy flexible hours

  • No on-call, our workplace is generally low stress

  • Low meetings, zero politics

  • Influence product direction and see your work directly impact the business and our users

  • Wide variety of work: work on our analytics platform, React frontend, embeddable code snippet, integrations, a browser extension, and soon an API

Ideally you can join us for 40 hours per week, but we can be flexible for the right candidate.


  • 2+ years prior professional experience. You should have existing professional experience, either at a company or as a freelancer.

  • Strong TypeScript skills. You need to be comfortable working in a TypeScript codebase, and fundamentals like using generics, union types, etc. We try to avoid any wherever possible!

  • Experience with React. A big part of the job is building and improving our UI.

  • Command line fundamentals. You should be comfortable working on the command line as needed. Comfort with git is also a must.

  • Care about design. You should be comfortable with CSS, and pay attention to detail when implementing designs.

  • Strong English communication. You should be able to clearly discuss technical topics in English.

Bonus points

You'll be at a strong advantage for this role if you have:

  • Experience on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Experience working on data-intensive products from both the frontend and backend standpoint.

  • Comfort with SQL, and any of our databases like Firebase, Redis, BigQuery, or Postgres.


You can work independently while still asking questions when something isn't clear.

  • We'll start slow and tag team over Slack as you learn the product, domain, and codebase.

  • After 2-4 weeks, you'll able to independently handle small features, add functionality to existing screens, and fix simple bugs.

  • After 2-3 months, you'll be able to implement small to medium-sized, standalone features, build new screens, and fix more complex bugs.

  • After 6-9 months, you'll be able to contribute to system refactors and more architectural-level changes.

Hiring Process

  1. Fill out the application form linked below.

  2. If you pass the application, you'll get a short coding test (15-20 minutes) to help us evaluate your programming fundamentals.

  3. Then, we'll do an initial interview over Zoom to learn about you and share more about our company.

  4. Finally, a more practical programming task to get an idea of how you'd work on a sightly larger project (under 1 hour).

  5. In the end, we'll see if we're a match from both sides.

Our goal is to fill this role by the end of November.

To apply

Please click the Apply now button below and fill out the form to apply for this role.

Demonstrating an understanding of our product and this role will dramatically improve your chances of hearing back from us.

Thanks for your time, we look forward to receiving your application!

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 3 hours with Berlin, Germany